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 Great White Shark Expeditions:  Ages 11-15 

Have no fear.  Shark Club is here!

During summer 2025, boys and girls ages 11-15 will be able to gain a deeper understanding of great white sharks by experiencing a firsthand view of these majestic predators in their natural habitat.

Our "Kids and Sharks" program enables children to embark with their peers on single day expeditions to Cape Cod's "shark alley," where children will have a front row seat as we observe these animals in their natural environment.  Accompanied by a marine biologist, children will travel with staff to the island of Monomoy where, with the help of a spotter plane flying overhead, we will locate and view great white sharks.  The clear green water along the beaches of Monomoy offers excellent visibility that enables us, from the safety of our boat, to clearly view these animals firsthand.


During this epic summer learning experience, children will have an educational workshop with a marine biologist.  Through a variety of "sharktivities," kids will gain a deeper understanding of shark anatomy and physiology, white shark migration patterns, hunting habits, as well as a broader understanding of their surrounding ecosystem and the role sharks play in maintaining its balance.

After the conclusion of our shark expedition, children may have opportunities to break for light fishing, as well as a stop for ice cream.  Healthy snacks, juice boxes and bottled water are also provided.  Children should bring a box lunch.

Locations & Dates

Our Kids and Sharks program is offered on two weekends during the month of August.  Each expedition is open to six (6) children.  Drop-off time is 8:00am and pick-up is 4:30pm.  Our summer 2025 expedition team meeting locations and dates are listed below:

To inquire about availability or reserve a space for this program, please email us at

  • Falmouth............ August 9th 

  • Falmouth.............. August 16th 


Rain Date

All scheduled shark expeditions are weather dependent.  As we hire a spotter plane to locate sharks for our expeditions, weather conditions must include good visibility in addition to favorable wind and sea conditions.  If weather conditions are not suitable on a scheduled expedition date, the next day (Sunday) will be used as a make-up day for the scheduled day's activities.  We ask parents to remind children that shark expeditions are indeed weather dependent, and to plan your selected weekend's schedule accordingly to enable your child's availability on the rain date.

Tuition and Enrollment

For tuition and enrollment information, please visit our enroll page.

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